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Look, a Book!

As much as I’m in need of a good writing session, I’m trying to actually be less of a zombie and get some sleep. Plus, Vegas calls in t-minus 3 days, and counting. Energy conservation mode is in full effect…sort of.

I’ve decided to pick a minimum of 1 book to share on a weekly basis. So here, I present to you:

The Help

by Kathryn Sockett

I never really felt the sensation of a “quick read” until I picked this book up. Night after night I couldn’t wait to read it, and after relatively short reading sessions had powered through 30-50 pages. I think the book is a little gender-specific and will appeal more to girls, but guys can surely get into it too.

the big daddy though…

The Art of Power

by Thich Nhat Hanh

If you’re feeling ready for a big commitment and can wrap your head around a new and extremely positive way of thinking, read, read, read. Every word written in here is a challenge to do, think, and be a better version of yourself. To get the most out of this though, you really do have to fully embrace his concepts and move thinking into action. Do it.

  1. paigeee said: oo bruce’s mom and sister read it and now his dad is reading it!! i wanna get ahold of ittt!! have fun in vegas!! <3
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